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Welcome to the home of SyncSavvyâ„? a Windows® utility designed to simplify comparison and synchronization task between similar folder structures.  This utility is intended for intermediate to advanced Windows users who are comfortable using Windows Explorer®.

In a world with so many compare and synchronize utilities available, which tool should you choose?
You need something powerful, but not overly complicated,  user-friendly yet sophisticated,  and something affordable.  SyncSavvy is all that and more!

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

SyncSavvy has been independently evaluated and has proven to be "completely clean of adware/spyware components"   More details...

Highlights: Using SyncSavvy you can...
  ...compare folder structures between computers within your network.  --  Comparing folder structures answers the question, Are there any missing or out-of-date files?

  ...create a snapshot of the file information at a particular point in time.  You may elect to zip up the files to preserve an archive for future use.  --  Snapshots are useful to identify changes to folder structure/content over time, and may be used to capture and compare file data on remote computers not accessible from your desktop.

  ...synchronize folder content with the click of a button (or command line INI).  You can choose from a number of rules to determine which files are updated during the process.  --  Synchronization may be used to backup files, restore files from a backup, and even repair application installations.

  ...compare the content of one zip file to a subfolder or to another zip file.  SyncSavvy will extract the contents to a temporary folder.  This provides full access to files details such as version information and other file attributes.

Download (5,860KB -- about 30 minutes w/56K modem) your fully functional 30-day trial copy today (see System Requirements).  If you've downloaded before, please check the download History page to see if any updates (or a patches) to your install have been released.  Then, once you are convinced that SyncSavvy is simply the best compare and synchronize utility on the market, stop by and register your copy.

Full product help is available on line.  Please see the Overview section for complete information on all that SyncSavvy can do for you.

Notice of confidentiality:  Any and all customer information is kept in the strictest confidence and will not be disseminated to third parties.

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Last Update: 05/2007

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