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We are extremely committed to providing the very best customer support possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at the various e-addresses listed below.

Presales support is available for the asking. However, registered users will be given priority assistance.

Before contacting technical support please review the list of knows issues in our knowledge base and peruse the on-line help files. The majority of concerns that you face have already been answered.

When requesting technical support please provide the following details:
  Operating System (including service pack)
  Full product version
  Detailed description of issue
  Steps to reproduce

Contact us via e-mail:
 support@syncsavvy.com For product support, Installs, How Do I, etc. (both pre and post sales support)

 orders@syncsavvy.com For order information, confirmation or status.

 feedback@syncsavvy.com For general information, product suggestions / improvements or any other topic you would care to voice your opinion on.

Contact us via US Mail:
 Leoj Software
 c/o SyncSavvy
 P.O. Box 988
 Lake Dallas, TX 75065-0988

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